About us


60 North was started in 2019.
At the beginning the company dealt mainly with network consultancy, but quickly expanded into other infrastructure technologies and then further IT areas.



Early in our growth, we acknowledged that broad and comprehensive knowledge is key to fully understanding and solving the customer´s needs and issues properly, so we made it part of our strategy to continuously strive for large diversity in profiles and experience – from commercial and resourcing to technical adept.  


Our experience has also shown us that striving to offer everything reduces focus and quality, so in certain areas we have chosen to supplement our own expertise with high quality freelance consultants from our extensive professional network. 



This gives 60 North the strong foundation to supply manpower for designs, installations, transformations, migrations, security, carveouts/mergers, ad-hoc consultancy, and operational support for medium to large enterprises in almost every business and public segment – regardless of where the customer is in their resourcing lifecycle.  


In addition to the technical part of our delivery, we naturally approach each task with governance-first approach, which ensures a smooth journey from architecture to operational handover. The same background also means that customers preferring less daily hands-on experience can secure managed solutions ranging from ad-hoc operational support to full strategic outsourcing.